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  Kennedale Wildcats Class 3A State Champions 2011 Home

Kennedale Wildcats 2010-11 Class 3A State Champions 2011

Kennedale High School
901 Wildcat Way or P.O. Box 1208
Kennedale, Tx. 76060
Phone Ad. 817-563-3716 Fax 817-563-3717
School 817-563-8100

Head Coach: Paul Trantham
Assistant Coaches: Richard Earle, Kelly Kidd   
Athletic Director: Richard Barrett
Principal: Michael Cagel
Asst. Principals:
Superintendent: Chad Gee
Deputy Superintendent: Dr.Voo
Facilities Director: Eileen Mode

Overall Team Record: 501 - 269 - 5
Kennedale Hign school players in the THSBCA All-Star Game for class 1A-4A:
Wes Bautovich 97, Daniel Hommel 98, Dustin Duncan 99, Brandon Pyles 2000, Joey Richardson 02, Tyler Smith 06, Benny Woodard 08, Brady Capshaw 09, Wes Roberson 10, Corey Taylor 11 & Bryce Hackett 18 as well as, Coach Teague being the Coach of the North Team in 2002.
Academic All State: Cameron Norris 16, Jordan Pough 16, Eric Brosig 17,Cole Carruthers 17, Brayden Sewell 17, Bryce Hackett 18, Aaron Herrera Jr. 18, Luke Michener 18, Jared Taylor 18, Cade Thompson 18, Ethan Wood 18, Riley Bush 20, Allen Constantion Jr. 20, Morgan Earle 20, Colby Gee 20, John David Padgett 20, Ryan Roller 20 & Blake Taylor 20
Players Drafted MLB: Brandon Pyles 2000 Florida Marlins
                     Corey Taylor 2015 New York Mets   
Coach Paul Trantham, Class 3A Assistant Coach of Year 2004
Coach Jet Teague 3A Coach of Year 2011
2011 State Championship
15 District Championships
24 Playoff Appearances in a row

Schedule News
Game Date Game Time Location Opponent
02-08-2022 5:00 pm Jet Teague Ball Park (KHS) Willis Point Var (Scrimmage)
02-12-2022 JV noon; 2:00 pm Var Jet Teague Ball Park KHS Iowa Park Var (Scrimmage)
02-15-2022 JV 4:00pm; Var 6:00 pm Jet Teague Ball Park (KHS) Trimble Tech (Scrimmage)
02-18-2022 5:00 pm Lake Ridge HS Lake Ridge Var (Scrimmage)
02-19-2022 11:00 & 1:00 KHS Jet Teague BP Lake Ridge Bk & Gr (Scrimmage)
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