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  Kennedale Wildcats Class 3A State Champions 2011

2011 State Champs
August 20, 2011

Since its inception in 1989, the goal of Kennedale baseball has been to win a state championship. This year in Austin, Texas at Disch-Falk field we were able to accomplish our goal. With Jet Teague at the helm, the only head coach that Kennedale has known since 1991, the Wildcats defeated Waco Robinson 5-1 in the class 3A state championship game.
The motto for the team this year, as it is every year; “Character, Honor, and Tradition” was carried further in the playoffs than it ever has been. It helped this team to win 20 consecutive games and go undefeated in a district that we were not picked to win.
The character of this team was shown early and often as we fought without several key players who were vital to our success. As a result of this, at the end of the first month of play, our record was a respectable 8-4-1. All of the games that we lost were one run games. This forced the young men to enact their tremendous character to overcome such heartbreak. Which they did, from March the 14th until May 20th, the Wildcats went a perfect 20-0. Defeating three number one ranked teams in this time period.
During the playoffs the Wildcats rolled up an impressive 8-1 record and staving off elimination five times against four opponents. The young men won with honor and continued the fine tradition set forth by those that had come before. They truly exemplified the phrase; “Character, Honor, Tradition.”

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